Sports Betting – Understanding Point Spreads


The Point Spread provides an equal chance of winning to both teams in any game and make them look equally attractive to the eyes of the sporting bettors. Sports bettors who have a solid understanding of the point spread system are more likely to have a profitable season.

The concept is to create an active market for the participating teams and get rid of the bias. Eliminating the favorite and the underdog among teams creates a fair binary wager. It is for leveling the reputation of both teams without the idea of who’s strong and weak.

How the Point Spread Works

Point spread works by placing a bet on the team that will cover the betting line and it is not about betting on the winning side alone. Upon wagering on the favorite, the team must not only win the game but earn certain points that will cover the betting line as well. Wagering on the underdog does not mean that the team has to win the game at all in order for the bettors to get the prize.

We will use the Week 2 of the 2007 NFL season when the Atlanta Falcons visited the Jacksonville Jaguars as an example.  Every bettor who wanted to win would have placed a wager on Jacksonville since it is clear that the Jaguars is the better team. The bookmakers and the sportsbooks came out with a solution by creating the point spread to level the teams.

The Jaguars was installed -10 and the Falcons +10. The bettors of the Jaguars win if the team earns by 11 points or more since the 10 points will be subtracted on their final score. The bettors of the Falcons takes home the prize if the team wins the game or loses 9 points and below since their final score will have 10 more points. In case the Jaguar wins by 10 points and the game is tie, then the bettors will get the refund for their wagers.

Money Lines Versus Point Spreads

Sports bettors use money line when placing a wager on the winning team in contests where point spread is not used such as boxing, baseball, and hockey. To wager on a game with the money line means to pick the winner of the contest and it brings much risk to win. Using the point spread system and the money line to bet on does not have rules and their usage depends on the bettor.

Understanding all types of sports betting is important to enjoy and gain profits in the arena of gambling. It is an advantage to know how and where you are placing your money in sporting events. Choosing the most reputable bookmaker is essential in betting and for winning as well.If you are a beginner in the world of online sports betting and eager to learn, get help from reliable sources. Be a responsible and wise sports bettor to avoid flushing your cash down the drain.

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