What is Fixed Odds Betting


The current fixed price for an event is called Fixed Odds. The price that you see is the same price that you’ll be guaranteed no matter what happens to the price after a bet is placed. This type of betting is commonly used for sports betting since most bet types are fixed odds.

Fixed Odds on Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges use fixed odds. Though it runs a bit different in bets that are matched against other punters, fixed odds betting are used. Even if the price plummets after the bet, the initial price that you take is the same price that you’ll be guaranteed.

Fixed Odds Sports Betting

In sporting events, fixed odds are common bet types because there is no tote betting and no other types available like the top fluc. Every sports bet is fixed odds bet. Even other sport betting types use fixed odds such as line and margin bets.

Bookmakers That Offer Fixed Odds Betting

Since fixed odds betting are commonly used, all bookmakers offer this type of bet.

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