Melbourne Cup Betting


Australia is a nation of punters and it shows how passionate they are betting on the Melbourne Cup. For the Aussies, Melbourne Cup betting is more than just about the money. Yes it’s a wonderful feeling winning a few hundred dollars on your pick, guessing the winner of the race hardly impresses anyone.

If you bet on your best pick, you’ll be among the thousands of punters. The real challenge in the Melbourne Cup is selecting the right one among various exotic bets.

Melbourne Cup Trifecta

Picking the Melbourne Cup trifecta symbolizes real betting prowess. Not really the most difficult Melbourne betting challenge, it involves picking the first three who’ll finish the race in exact order. If you get the order accurately, then you get the payout.
Manny punters know that picking a Melbourne Cup trifecta isn’t really that difficult that they make boxed trifecta instead. It is more expensive and it covers every combination of chosen runners. Punters are also allowed to pick more than 3 horses for those combinations. It would be very helpful to get the Melbourne Cup trifecta right when there are quality horses.

Melbourne Cup Quinella

The quinella is the simplest of all betting options in the Melbourne Cup betting. However, the quinella is still very challenging since you must pick accurately. In this betting option, you must choose the first two finishers in the race in any order and this could be very helpful especially when there are two strong favourites in the field. It will save you from having to decide especially if it’s an even race based on statistics.

Melbourne Cup Exacta

Compared to the quinella, the Melbourne Cup exacta is more difficult because you need to choose the first two finishers in exact order. Though the quinella is the simplest betting option because of its flexibility, the Melbourne Cup exacta is more popular among the punters. This betting option pays really well than a quinella. Like other less flexible exotic Melbourne Cup bets, many punters place a box exacta in order to hit multiple combinations of the two finishers in the race. The advantage of this is you get the flexibility of the quinella at a higher cost but huge payout can be generated out of the Melbourne Cup exacta.

Melbourne Cup First Four

The Melbourne Cup First Four is the most critical of all betting options. When you pick the correct Melbourne Cup First Four, you get really huge payout. In this betting option, you should choose the four finishers in the race. But here’s the thing. You should choose the first four in the right order. If the punters take on the challenge, they go with a boxed Melbourne Cup First Four.

Picking the right Melbourne Cup First Four will pay huge sums of money each time a couple of outside chances finish in front. If you bet on the right finishers, you can get hundreds of thousands of dollars per dollar wagered.

It’s common for people to place their bets at a TAB. However, it’s more convenient if it’s done on online sites such as [Ladbrokes] and [Sportsbet]. The advantage of betting on an online site is that you can avail of special deals and place all your bets with just a click of the mouse. Online bookies even offer early odds on the Melbourne Cup months from the race profitably. Join [Ladbrokes] today and bet on the 2014 Melbourne Cup.


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